18th May 2024

Assembly member of the two communities, George Agbenyegah Takyi, addressing residents in the area

The people of Takrabe, Kubeasi and its environs in the Oti Region have expressed their grievances over lack of developmental projects in their area. The people say they lack good roads, street lights, portable drinking water among others in the area.

Assembly member of the two communities, George Agbenyegah Takyi, in an interview with the Evening Mail said several attempts made at getting support from relevant quarters have all proved futile. He said he had contacted the District Chief Executive and other stakeholders about their predicament but none seem to care about the issue.

He has however assured the people that he will continue to do everything within his power to get them the needed development.

He disclosed that his main reason for contesting for the position was to fill the gap his predecessor couldn’t fill and will not relent on that promise.

On his part, Nana Odzeabo II, chief of Bowiri Kubeasi in the Biakoye District pleaded with the government and other stakeholders to come to their aid since the unavailability of portable water in the area is negatively affecting their lives.

“They came here to survey the road but for about seven years now, no one has ever stepped foot here again, so we are pleading with the media to help us reach to the government and private sectors to help us,” the chief added.

Source: Evening Mail

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