19th June 2024

Rapper E.L has been spotted on his knees where he puts a ring on the finger of presenter and producer, Regina Van-Helvert.

For a musician who doesn’t show much intimacy on social media, it’s quite surprising to many fans who have come across the photo on social media.

Regina posted the photo on her wall asking fans to guess “what her answer was when E.L got down on his knees” to propose to her.

This isn’t the first time the ‘Koko’ hitmaker will be in the spotlight with rumours of dating a presenter.

One question that lingers on in many of his interviews has to do with his relationship with presenter Berla Mundi, where E.L answers “we’re friends.”

Though both E.L and Regina don’t look that serious in the recent post, fans claim they look good together.

Source: Adomfmonline

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