20th May 2024

Member of Parliament for Asutifi South, Alhaji Collins Dauda

The Ghana Police Service has apprehended Alhaji Collins Dauda, the Member of Parliament for Asutifi South, on suspicion of his involvement in the disturbances that erupted at Kukuom in the Ahafo Region during the ongoing Limited Voter Registration Exercise on May 11, 2024.

According to an official police statement, one individual sustained injuries and is presently undergoing medical treatment at a hospital.

Furthermore, the police are actively pursuing other suspects believed to be linked to the incident, as mentioned in the statement.

Concurrently, the police have expressed concern over sporadic violations of the law observed at some Voter Registration Centers during the ongoing Limited Voters Registration exercise.

“We deplore the regrettable occurrences witnessed at various registration centers, including Cape Coast in the Central Region, Kukuom in the Ahafo Region, and Adugyama in the Ashanti Region. The police have made several arrests, with investigations ongoing,” the statement conveyed.

The police emphasized the civic duty inherent in the registration exercise and urged the public to participate in a peaceful manner, adhering strictly to the laws governing the process.

“In this vein, we urge the public to exercise utmost restraint and comply with the regulations governing the registration process. The police will not condone any breach of the law, and individuals found culpable will face appropriate legal action,” the statement concluded.

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