Police cautions public against MoMo fraud


The Ghana Police Service, through the Accra Regional Command, has cautioned the public against the re-emergence of a common type of mobile money fraud.

The Accra Regional Command’s Head of Public Affairs Unit, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Effia Tenge,  in a statement issued on Wednesday admonished the public  to be careful not to fall victim to the new style adopted by the fraudsters.

The police said that the fraudsters’ modus operandi involves sending an SMS notification to the phone of a targeted victim, which will make it look like the victim has been credited with a specific amount of money.

DSP Effia Tenge added: “few minutes later, the fraudster calls back but this time under the pretext of being an employee of a telecommunication network, and warns that their system has detected attempts by some person(s) to defraud the victim.”

The caution follows the upsurge of cyber fraud being perpetrated by the faceless goons who mostly use social media to dupe unsuspecting victims.

She stated that, most often, some of these fraudsters use images of public officials, including ministers, and solicit for money from their potential victims under the pretext of securing them jobs and contracts.

Momo vendors

DSP Effia Tenge also advised mobile money vendors to “ensure they collect money before initiating a mobile money transfer,” urging the general public not to entertain any phone conversations with suspected fraudsters.

“Under no circumstances must you share your mobile money pin with anyone,” she advised.

She also tasked the public be vigilant and ensure that messages they get on their phones are authentic before taking action.



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