17th May 2024

President of the Methodist Church of Ghana, Rev. Dr. Paul Kwabena Boafo

The governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) has been called upon to follow the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in selecting a female running mate for the upcoming 2024 elections.
The call was made by the President of the Methodist Church of Ghana, Rev. Dr. Paul Kwabena Boafo. He was delivering a sermon at the Most Rev. Kwesi Dickson Memorial Methodist Church in Adjiringanor, which coincided with Mother’s Day yesterday.
According to him, the opposition NDC deserves commendation for its progressive step in placing a woman in the high leadership role as a running mate.
“I know it is a good thing as it shows how important our mothers and our women are. I pray that the others will also learn and copy from this to show, yes, indeed, in celebrating women. It is not just for celebrating, but that we will bring them to the front burner, and make them part and parcel of our political landscape,” he said.

Role of women
Dr. Boafo underscored the invaluable contributions of women to society while urging political bodies to integrate more women into significant roles, particularly within the political sphere.
He emphasised the need for a proactive approach in ensuring gender diversity and equality in decision-making positions. “Celebrating women should prompt us to recognize the pivotal roles of mothers and women in our communities,” Rev. Dr. Boafo stated.
The Methodist Church leader emphasised the significance of Mother’s Day as an occasion to honour motherhood and the remarkable influence women exert in shaping lives.
He urged individuals to reflect on the essence of mothers in nurturing and protecting, likening the role of the Church to that of a mother in guiding and supporting its members. He stressed the interconnectedness between the church as a nurturing entity and the concept of God as a father figure.
“We are not just acknowledging the contributions of mothers and women, but also recognizing their value and importance in society,” Rev. Dr. Boafo affirmed. He called for a forward-looking perspective, stressing the potential of women to drive positive change across various sectors, including politics, families and churches.

Dr. Boafo also encouraged eligible Ghanaians, particularly women, to actively engage in the electoral process by registering to vote. He emphasised the importance of individual agency in shaping the political landscape.
“Don’t wait to be invited by a political party to register to vote,” Rev. Dr. Boafo stated, highlighting the need for proactive involvement in shaping the future of Ghana.

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