13th June 2024

Frank Asiedu Bekoe, also known as Protozoa, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary Candidate for the Suhum in the Eastern Region, is advocating the establishment of an Accident Emergency Center at the Suhum Government Hospital.

The Suhum Government Hospital currently serves as an emergency center for accidents occurring on the Accra to Kumasi Highway, which sees frequent accidents. However, the hospital lacks sufficient medical equipment to handle all trauma, medical, and surgical emergencies effectively.

To address this issue, Protozoa, who is also the Director of Political Affairs to the Chief of Staff, emphasizes the importance of upgrading the health facility. The proposed Accident Emergency Center would serve as the primary entry point for in-patient admissions to departments such as surgery, internal medicine, and therapeutics.

Protozoa made this announcement during a visit to the hospital with the Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) Sapiens Ghana Foundation. The visit aimed to educate the medical staff about a project called the “Baby Bundle Initiative.”

“We have noted that many individuals, especially pregnant women, fail to visit the hospital for checkups and reviews throughout the nine-month period of pregnancy,” said Frank Asiedu Bekoe. “Through initiatives like the Baby Bundle, we hope to motivate pregnant women to visit the hospital more frequently. This will enable doctors to identify and address any hidden illnesses or complications before labor.”

He continued, “Today, we met with doctors, nurses, and midwives to discuss and conduct a short training session for the initiative. We are gathering data, and hopefully, within a month, the initiative will commence. I promise to provide all the necessary support to ensure its success.”

Protozoa also mentioned that his team has engaged with NGOs to upgrade the hospital, including providing oxygen equipment for each bed.

The Baby Bundle Initiative, in collaboration with hospitals, clinics, birthing centers, and other healthcare workers, aims to support vulnerable and at-risk mothers. The project will provide baby items to those living in poverty or with poor healthcare access. Antenatal care providers will assess needs and make referrals to the Foundation.

Finally, Protozoa appealed to all indigenous people from the constituency, especially those in the diaspora, to join in the development efforts for Suhum.

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