27th May 2024

My attention has been drawn to a story with the above caption on ghanaweb.com with it’s source been dailygh.com. This is untrue, Our President, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo was not smuggled through the backdoor.

He does not shun the crowd, ever.

His Excellency shook hands with well meaning Ghanaians, many of whom bore placards with inscriptions of how proud they were of the President and his party’s achievements.

Many shouted “4 more for Nana to do more”. I was never heckled nor was I shouted at by anyone.

Felix and Issah did not shout at anyone. They will never ever do that. They are men of integrity. The NDC would not ever have such men.

There were a handful of NDC executives mischievously clad in the Ghanaian flag, shouting expletives. There were only 9 of them and they are very well known. They were not even proud to identify themselves as members of the NDC, a party which has wreaked havoc on Ghana’s economy and Ghanaians.

They are very envious of the achievements of the current NPP government and are unable to stop the NPP heading for a second term they would resort to mischievous and vile propaganda to malign our Ghana. NDC is a typical case of a leopard and its spots. It does not change.

Our achievements as a party are excellent. And in just under 4 years !

Under the NDC, the Ghanaian economy plunged into the abyss. The NDC should not be allowed back into power to pillage our economy.

Under the NPP, We have stabilised the economy, we have weaned ourselves off of IMF loans, we have created and continue to create more jobs, we have cleared arrears left behind by the NDC, we are building our human capability and capacity through the Free SHS, we are creating opportunities for every Ghanaian through investments in automobile, farming, Knowledge economy as well as others.

Our Economy has been upgraded by the International Financial institutions.

Our record indeed speaks for itself.

The NDC in its 8 years did nothing but rob every Ghanaian of their present and future. Under the NDC, our economy was downgraded. Under the NDC, unemployment soared. Under the NDC, inflation sky rocketed.

They have no message for Ghanaians, they have no manifesto and they have no running mate. It is a party in dissarray, with one goal in mind; to continue to rob Ghana and Ghanaians.

That must not be allowed to happen again.

Ghanaians now know who the better stewards of our economy is, the fastest growing in the world.

Under an NPP government, Ghana is certainly heading to a destination beyond dependency and aid.

On December 7, 2020, I am asking all Ghanaians the world over, to renew the mandate of our ever progressive Party and Government, an NPP government that has delivered over 70% on our manifesto promises in just under 4 years.

4 more for Nana to do more…

Many thanks,

Kwaku Nkansah
Branch Chairman

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