Registration of SIM cards with Ghanacard to begin soon


The Vice-President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, has stated that the Minister for Communication and Digitalization will between June and July announce the re-registration of all SIM cards in use in Ghana as part of measures to help in the formalization of the Ghanaian economy. He stated this during a speech at the 5th CEO Summit in Accra, where he was guest of honour.

The Vice President noted that the SIM registration exercise is aimed at helping curb activities such as SIM box and momo fraud.

The Government’s decision to formalize the Ghanaian economy has made it necessary for the various identity cards to be brought under one umbrella.

A Six months grace period has been earmarked to get all Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) numbers re-registered with the Ghana Card.

The exercise is to add to the country’s central database with our unique IDs.

The process of registration can be done on one’s phone and does not require a visit to a Telco outlet. It can easily be done by dialing a dedicated USSD Code.

Furthermore, Ghanaians without the Ghana Card can obtain the cards from the NIA offices for free across the about 260 Districts from July.


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