25th June 2024

Members of the Coalition of Rotation Nurses and Midwives are appealing to the government to pay them their six-month allowance arrears.

The group, made up of newly-trained nurses and midwives, said since they started their mandatory national service on 8 April 2019, they have not received any allowance.

“We’ve worked wholeheartedly for the nation for six months (April, May, June, July, August, September) without receiving a penny of the national service allowance which is rightfully due us.

“Upon several measures and approaches taken by this coalition, the government seems to have turned deaf ears to our concerns. We are now in our sixth month and no significant step or process has commenced for us to get the hope of receiving our allowances for this month and the past months.

The nurses and midwives also complained that their clearance has not been released, biometric registration undone and staff IDs not generated.

“All these processes not done in our sixth months [of service] is making us believe that the government is not aware of our service to the nation,” the group said in a statement.
The coalition added that: “We’re really suffering at our various service stations and, so, some actions must be hurriedly carried out to enable us receive our allowances that is due us for sound and effective service to the nation.”

Source: classfmonline

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