17th May 2024

On 9th April 2020, we woke up to a document that purported to be a list of NEIP beneficiaries in 2018. The said document was fake and had the forged signature of NEIP CEO lawyer John Kumah.

Subsequently the said gentleman behind this criminal act, Nana Osei Bonsu, was arrested and charged by the Ghana Police for publication of fake news and arraigned before a court of competent jurisdiction.

Prior to this incident, there had been several lies, baseless allegations, character assassinations all targeted at Lawyer John Kumah. His only crime is his decision to contest for the NPP parliamentary primaries in Ejisu in the Ashanti Region. It is clear this “demons work” is being perpetrated by some of his opponents who are scared of his chances in the upcoming primaries. Infact, Nana Osei Bonsu, who has been charged by the Police for some of these acts was bailed by an opponent.

This smear campaign against John Kumah has taken another shift and it is now being led by Kelvin Taylor; a man who has been declared wanted by the laws of Ghana, a man whose reputation is one of telling lies, fabricating documents, insulting and breaching every code of ethics of the Ghanaian Journalists Association.

Kelvin Taylor is now the mercenary that has been hired, by opponents of John Kumah to finish him and to carry their crusade of destroying the hard earned reputation of Lawyer John Kumah. It is expected that Kelvin Taylor will commence his first phase of attacks at John Kumah soon.

However, it is important to note, that this attacks at Lawyer John Kumah will not work. He will continue to be steadfast in his attempts to serve the good people of Ejisu and will not relent regardless of the smears that are thrown at him.

Let’s all continue to pray and support Lawyer John Kumah in such hard and difficult times.

Communication Bureau
Office of Lawyer John Kumah

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