27th May 2024

Good morning/Good afternoon to you our friends from the media, we appreciate your prompt response to our call/ invitation upon such short notice. What we are going to talk about today is about Kwadaso Constituency Album and Matters Arising from the insults and recording of National Party Executive by our Kwadaso Constituency Executives led by Frank Amoako, the Constituency Organiser and the Personal Assistant to Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto, the Agric. Minister.

Anne Bradstreet said and I quote “Authority without wisdom is like a heavy axe without an edge — fitter to bruise than polish.”

Friends from the media let’s begin from*How the 2018 album was compiled*

1. When it was time for elections to be held to elect our Polling Stations Executives, Electoral Area Coordinators and Constituency Executives, a representative by name ‘Madam Mary Duodu’ was assigned by the NPP Regional Chairman (Chairman Wontumi) to handle the elections in Kwadaso Constituency.

2. A team led by Madam Mary Duodu came to the Constituency and conducted elections, to the best of their ability, and prepared delegates’ album as per the instructions and procedure laid down.

Chairman Wontumi who had sanctioned the elections refused to accept the outcome of the elections and therefore rejected the delegates’ album that was ably prepared and submitted by Madam Mary Duodu. The only reason we could assign to the Regional Chairman’s act was that a section of the Executives led by the Constituency Organiser who doubles as the P. A. of the Agric, Minister had challenged the authenticity of the delegates album produced. It is alleged that Chairman Wontumi is in bed with the Agric. Minister hence, his willingness to accept their plea and protect the Minister’s interest in the Kwadaso Constituency. So, when the Akoto faction in the Constituency realized their support base in the constituency had totally eroded after the Polling Station elections, they run to Chairman Wontumi for help.

4. When all attempts to compile delegates’ album based on the election results failed, the issue was taken to the Regional Party office.

5. A suggestion was made by the Regional Chairman, Mr. Bernard Antwi Boasiako (Chairman Wontumi) to the effect that in order not to deny anybody from partaking in the victory chalked by the party in the 2016 elections, he would suggest that anyone who was part of the victory must be maintained in his/her position. This suggestion was supported by the Honorable MP of Kwadaso. It was further agreed at the Regional office that, the album that was used for the 2015 primaries (which was compiled in 2013) should be worked on as the ‘working document’, by replacing deceased, travelled, sick, weak and non performing delegates. A 6-member Committee was therefore set up to undertake such exercise to produce an album for 2018.

6. The 2013 album was then given to the various Electoral Area Coordinators with the task to mark the above category of people to be replaced in point 5 above. We have evidence of the work done by the Electoral Area Coordinators here.

7. After marking the agreed category of the people to be taken out of the album, the Coordinators returned same to the Committee that was responsible for the album.

8. These marked names were replaced with new party members by the Committee members, that was why Frank Amoako was able to add his friend Martha Kodua’s name in the album. How would Dr. S.K Nuamah know the Women Organiser, Constance Osei’s children and Chairman Bonna Boadi’s children and include their names in the 2018 compiled album? Not only that, Adjei –Asamoah, the Constituency Assistant Secretary, Silas Konadu Boateng, the Youth Organizer and Hon. Richmond Agyenim-Boateng; all have included their family members in the upgraded 2018 album; the reason being that they were Executives and also part of the Committee that is how come they were able to add names of their their children, girlfriends and family members.

9. After the 2018 compiled album met the criteria that was agreed upon at the Regional Party office, the same was signed by both the Constituency Chairman, Mr. Bonna Boadi and the Regional Chairman, Mr. Bernard Antwi Boasiako.

10. Delegates Conference was then called based on the said audited, edited and upgraded album (2018 album), the Constituency Executives were elected through acclamation by the delegates with this 2018 album.

Information reaching us suggests that after the 2018 album was produced and acclamation conducted, the pro-Akoto faction in the Executives clandestinely prepared and submitted another delegates’ album for Chairman Wontumi to sign. This means that Chairman Wontumi has endorsed two (2) different delegates’ album from the same Kwadaso Constituency.

The questions we are asking Chairman Wontumi today is:

“Chairman, whyyyyyyy” ??? What has the Kwadaso Constituency done to deserve this? Why do you sit aloof to allow very few disgruntled executives to destroy our beloved Constituency?? Why do you allow your personal interest to override your professional judgement?? Chairman, why this bias???

Please Chairman Wontumi, we the people of Kwadaso have a message for you. And the message is that: WE ONLY KNOW OF ONE DELEGATES’ ALBUM AND ONE DELEGATE ALBUM ONLY. And all the delegates and Coordinators in that album are hardworking members of the Party. Any attempt to diabolically twist our arms we will be FIERCELY RESISTED.


Majority of the Coordinators who worked directly with the Executives and therefore have an in-depth knowledge about the album, presented a petition to the party through the Regional Chairman (Wontumi) regarding the behaviour of the Constituency Chairman and his Executives on this album matters and other issues but whether they are going to be called to be given audience is left to God to decide or may be only God knows when that will happen. Then the question is: why has Chairman Wontumi not been able to act on the several petitions presented by the Electoral Area Coordinators?

So if an album that was used to elect you can’t elect an MP, then your positions as Constituency Executives should be nullified.

Today, you may think it is about Dr. S.K Nuamah and therefore it is ok, but just reflect on what Martin Niemöller wrote some years ago:

“First they came for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up, because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak

Why will any Critical Thinker wants to change a Performing MP?

Will you change an MP who has done a lot within his first term and bring someone who will eventually destroy Kwadaso for us? NO.

THE MP is the people’s choice and he is our choice! It is not surprising therefore that the young energetic engineer was able to chalk 90% victory for the party in the 2016 elections. No other constituency has been able to chalk this success in the history for our party. This feat is unprecedented and needed to be awarded and not frustrated.

The MP within his first term has done a lot for us. Few among them are:

1. An unprecedented over 90% victory for the Party during the 2016 General Elections (the records are there to show).

2. Spearheading the creation of the Kwadaso Municipal Assembly , KdMA (the records are there to show).

3. Provision of a befitting Constituency Party Office – moving us from a single store-room-office to a whole house.

4. Free vocational training for the youth at Denkyemuoso.

5. Massive roads construction ( Tanoso to Apatrapa, Apatrapa to Nyankyereniase completed, Nyankyereniase to IPT, Tanoso to Techiman, Kwadaso to Techiman are ongoing projects)

6. Provision of boreholes and toilet facilities across the Constituency.

7. Scholarships to deserving students.

8. NHIS office soon to be opened.

9. Massive efforts to thwart COVID-19 where he has produced what is now called ‘Baba Drum’ , rather than the ‘Veronica Drivers’ being used elsewhere.

And so on.

Please think about Kwadaso first and if you do that, then you will agree with me that Hon. Dr. Ing. S.K Nuamah must be maintained.

Insults of NEC Members and Recording of Party Meetings by Frank Amoako, the Personal Assistant to the Agricultural Minister

Friends of the media, I am sure by now you know why the Constituency is facing such turmoil, and its all boils down to personal interest of individuals who are supposed to know better and act better. The Constituency Organiser who is a prodigy of the Agric. Minister has not hidden his hatred and disrespect towards leadership in the Party and clearly we all know where he is getting his oxygen.

When an arrogant person is around the Corridors of power, he thinks the power belongs to him.

1. The highly respected General Secretary, Mr. John Boadu of our party came to resolve the issue of the album.

2. Upon deliberation and knowing the facts of the case, he (Mr. John Boadu) asked Mr. FF Anto (the 2nd National Vice Chairman) to settle the issue because an album signed by both the Constituency and Regional Chairmen shouldn’t be a matter like sending someone to the sun. It shouldn’t be so hard to arbitrate.

3. Frank Amoako (aka People’s Fada) – Organiser

Constance Osei – Women Organiser

Janet Awuah – Deputy Women Organiser

Samuel Donkor (aka Amansie) – Treasurer

Silas Konadu Boateng – Youth Organiser.

Because they knew things were not going in their favour decided to have a meeting.

4. During that meeting, it was disheartening to hear them insult the person of the hardworking and highly respected General Secretary of our great party to the extent that Janet Awuah (the Deputy Women’s Organiser) called him “Obroboi” meaning the ‘drunkard’.

5. So if you don’t respect, must it get to that level? We are not surprised about that, because Frank Amoako always taunts himself as having the backing of Dr. Akoto, and that Dr. Akoto virtually controls everything in NPP because he is the right hand man of our President.

Moreover, in another leaked audio, it was apparent that this same P. A. of the Agric. Minister had recorded the 2nd Vice Chairman of the Party, Mr. F. F. Anto. Which Constituency Officer does that to the National Chairman of his own political party?

In one of the said audio recordings, you could hear Mr. FF Anto making comments about the General Secretary of which he wouldn’t have made if he knew he was being recorded. In the same audio recording, Mr. FF Anto, the arbiter is heard guiding one party on how to present their case. So you see how these types of recordings have the tendency to destroy our party?

6. We were not so disturbed about the insults because why will you be surprised about seeing a fish in water and not in the sky?

7. The most dangerous thing was the illegal recording and sharing of a Party meeting with a Senior National Officer on various social media platforms.

8. If a Personal Assistant to a Cabinet Minister of State, can record and share his own party meetings on social media, then what can’t he do when attending state official meetings with his boss?

9. Can you imagine the number of audios and video footages he might even have on his own boss, let alone the Chief Director and other operatives of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, where he serves as the Minister’s Personal Assistant?

10. We and other like-minded people think that you can’t build a nation with selfish, corrupt and greedy people like the current Kwadaso Constituency Executives with Frank Amoako serving as the Organiser.

We are therefore calling for the suspension of Mr. Frank Amoako as the Organiser for the Constituency for such an act of betrayal. The Agric Minister can keep him as his personal assistant but that will inform us about who sanctioned such recordings. ‘A word to the wise is enough’.

12. Our friends from the media invited here today, we are about ending our press conference but we are using this medium to sound a word of caution that we the grassroots of the Party in the Kwadaso Constituency will not sit aloof for certain individuals to toil with our destinies especially in an election year. We are poised for campaign and we shall resist all attempts fiercely if the leaders of the Party try to choke us with a different delegates’ album other than what was used for the 2018 acclamation and endorsed by both the Constituency and Regional Chairmen.

Again we will urge all the people whose voices were captured on the audio to do the needful to resign or be forced out of the party.

Thanks for your attention

But they are

– Samuel Atta Amofa – Presby Polling station Chairman – Asuoyeboah Electoral area.

– Augustine Asiedu – Polling Station Secretary, Rapha Int. – Tanoso Electoral area

Boakye Duah – Vocational Polling station Secretary – Denchemuoso/ Techiman Electoral area

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