19th June 2024

National Democratic Congress former Presidential Aspirant hopeful Stephen Atubiga had to pull a magic to save his wife and unborn baby on Monday Evening.

Atubiga had to use one hand to help his wife in labour to deliver while using the other hand to drive.

According to Atubiga, he was in a meeting at the Royal Fiesta Hotel around 12pm when he had information that his pregnant wife was not feeling well.

In a Facebook post to narrate his ordeal, Atubiga stated that it took him over three hours to drive from Royal Fiesta at Dzowulu to Sakomono due to heavy traffic caused by the Monday morning rain.

He stated that, upon getting to the house, he decided to drive the wife to the hospital but the pregnant wife got into labour whiles still in the car.

Read the narration of how he managed to help the wife deliver whiles still driving below

Today God helped deliver my son in my car at 4:20pm. I pray no man should go through my predicament today.
After a 12pm meeting at fiesta royal hotel, I got a call about my pregnant wife not feeling well at home.
I rushed and got home( sakomono ) at 3:48pm due to rain traffic on spintex road, and my instinct kicked in for us to go see her doctor . little did we know is was a sign of labor. her due date had passed from 16th may to new date 27th of this month.
On our way to the hospital, she was so much in pain , all I heard was her scream that the baby was coming, wow, I tried speeding while I made her to relax at the back seat .
4:20pm I saw baby coming out , I said God help us , God help us , I used my right hand to hold the baby coming out, while driving with the Left hand.
With God’s help, the baby came our smoothly, I made Mum to hold baby , while I was hitting pot holes , speeding just get to the hospital quickly to make sure mum and baby were both fine.
Immediately we got to hospital, I got out quickly and screamed for Help.
The nurses run to our aid, baby and mum are doing just fin.
. I am just enjoying the praises from the doctors and nurses for helping her deliver in the car while driving.
Stephen atubiga
God is good.

Source: http://eveningmailgh.com

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