21st June 2024

Suspected criminals, Khalid Ould Ibrahim and Ould Mohammed Mahmoud have been dragged to court for making defamatory remarks about businessm Mr Hassan Zein.
The culprits have on constant basis verbally assaulted the businessman on various social media platforms , which has cost him fortunes in his business conglomerates.
Khalid was heared in a recent audio directing insults at the defendant that “… he Hassan is a criminal, he is a very bad man. He is a drug dealer.
In the same audio he was heard to be saying “… You Nana, you are a monkey, l f**k you, l f**k your mother, l f**k Ghana. ”
Consequently, lawyers of the victim have filed a suit against the suspected criminals for character defamation.
In his recent verbal (audio) attack, he made wild and unfounded and libelous allegations about Mr Zein, referring to him as a drug dealer.

He has as a result been ordered by the defendant’s lawyers to retract the said defamatory pictures, statements using the same medium in defaming the defendant.

Also, they have been slapped with general damages of one million Cedis, apologise within seven days to the plaintiffs  as well as perpetual injunction against the defendant from ever defaming the plaintiff’s reputation.

Meanwhile, relatives of the defendant:
The Akasha brothers, Baktash and Ibrahim were recently slapped with a 25-year jail term by an American Court. The duo are considered as Kenya’s most notorious drug trafficking family.

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