24th May 2024

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Success is the state or condition of meeting a defined range of expectations. It may be viewed as the opposite of failure. Undoubtedly, we can use our mind positively to think about, plan for and ultimately achieve success in our life. But we can always explain away excuses for our current misfortunes. “It is my evil grandmother, my parents did not give me support, I have no money,” and many others are the oft-cited excuses we give to ourselves. That is why many people have problems when establishing goals and successfully achieving them.

However, think and tell me, who refused to sit up and study hard to make good grades? You! Who refused a humble job offer that would have enabled him or her to save some money to start the business of his or her dreams? You! Who came in late, quarreled with the boss and colleagues, walked out and ended up jobless? You!

Face it, barring all other factors, you are the only person who has influenced your current state. You will also determine what will happen 20 years down the line. A man who needed a job badly was given a great opportunity. Maybe, it was not the job of his dreams, but it could have opened bigger and ‘wider’ doors for him.

How did he react? He abandoned the job with a very flimsy excuse. Bottom-line, this guy was keen on making it in life, but was not prepared to take the pains and hard work that goes into success, maybe not just yet. Most successful people will tell you that they had to start small; humble beginnings.

Below are some ways you can change your fortunes by changing your mindset and attitude. Decide that you can do more and have more. Rather than staying in your state of misery, discomfort and dissatisfaction. Why don’t you try something else?

There is more to life, there is more you can do, there is more you can have. So you had to drop out of school or settle for a course you didn’t like. So what? Please pick yourself up, encourage yourself and know that this cannot be the end for you. This mentality will provide the zest you need to seek help. Stay focused and you will definitely make it to the top.

Be humble enough to learn and copy

It is always very sad to meet poor and proud people. I personally think pride is a disease that needs special attention till it is eradicated. Young woman, you have no money, no experience, no education. Why not humble yourself to learn a trade or assist someone at home? Who said such jobs are demeaning? In the United Kingdom, some use such jobs to pay their way through school.

It is only in Ghana that you struggle to find willing domestic help assistants. Pride really does take away good opportunities by blinding you to lies beyond your current situation. So you just started the job and have no clue what to do to be successful.

Just identify successful people in the field and copy them. What did they do? Which clients did they go for? What was their business strategy? Who managed their funds? Who were their friends? Do what they did, copy shamelessly. Be like a child who is shameless when learning a language. He will just repeat exactly what you say and that’s how they learn. Put pride aside, don’t let it stop you.


Choose to work hard

The fast lane to success is the common trend now – be fraudulent, over-invoice, cut corners, there are no more honest people left in this world. These are lies that we have unfortunately been poisoned with. There are still many honest people left in this world.

Some people still believe that to be successful, you need to be hardworking and go through the different struggles on your way up. Not because the struggles are good, but because they will teach you vital lessons you need as a successful man or woman. How else will you appreciate a pesewa when you have never really been in need of one Ghana Cedi?


Have a mentor

The absence of a mentor or someone you can look up to in your life is usually unfortunate. This is because you can make a lot of mistakes in life if you do not receive the appropriate guidance. With an exemplary mentor, your career can be guided in a more focused way because of advice.

My personal experience is of a mentor who will show you what your options are at every stage of your career. Chances are that they have already been through what you may be going through, and their advice is priceless. So there you have it, success really does start in the mind. Your mindset affects your attitude and behaviour, which then translates to real misery or success. Choose success; think right.

The writer is a student of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ).




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