16th June 2024

Tragically, some of our family and friends have fallen into the harsh grips of Death at a time when we least expected, leaving behind families and dependents. In our grieving moments, we tend to sympathize with the bereaved families and make commitments of support to the surviving family members.

Often times, immediately after the burial of the deceased, we tend to forget our promises to the surviving family members and they are left to face the harsh conditions of life on their own. In these trying times, it is not farfetched to suggest that widows and surviving children of husbands who died at much younger ages will bear the brunt of the economic difficulties brought about by the novel Corona virus.

It is therefore my humble plea that we remember the promises and commitments made towards the families of friends and relatives who shockingly succumbed to death prematurely and take time out of our busy schedule to visit them. It is these times that they need us most and not when they’ve left to joined their departed partners where our elegies and cash donations will mean nothing to them.

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