27th May 2024

Tracey Boakye

After trading insults with musician Mzbel over a married man they are both dating, actress Tracey Boakye has apologised for her actions and says she will never fight anyone again on social media.

“I got so many calls last night from my fans and colleague actresses about the live video I did insulting Mzbel. I think I went overboard and that will not happen again.

“For someone to love you and spend credits on you means a lot to me. My fans kept calling and sending messages but I never stopped the live video, that was childish on my part and I regret using all those words against Mzbel,” she said in a video she posted on Instagram on Thursday, August.

According to Tracey, she is human and felt very offended when Mzbel attacked her in an interview. “There was no way I was going to attack Mzbel if she did not attack me first. It feels so bad when someone you least expect to talk about you goes all out and says all sorts of things about you in a live TV interview,” she said.

She pleaded with other celebs not to push her to the wall by talking about her. “We celebs date these big men all the time so this is nothing new. If I want to sell my body that is my private thing. If you want to condemn my act cool but don’t go for an interview and discuss me, that I will not take,” she said.

Tracey Boakye said she was not the kind of person that can shut up when she is being talked about. “I wish I was the kind of person that could calm down when I hear stuff about me but that is not me, I cannot just shut up.

“Moving forward, I have learned so much in these few days and I will not bother again when someone is discussing me,” she said.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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