(Trending): Local Jesus Christ is the funniest person on Ghana’s internet right now


Going viral, which has become a popular and very trendy regime is not as easy as it sounds.

In Ghana, the likes of Two Tozin, Supa, Ebenezer ‘Maame b) dondo paprrrrrr sa’  Forson and Shatta Bandle have involuntarily gone viral putting smiles on a lot of faces.

For many, it’s a never-ending trial and errors in their bid to make it to the mobile phone screens of many Ghanaians. Whichever way you see this, it’s a load of hard work and dedication.

This local man portraying Jesus is cracking the viral code and crashing it into bits at the moment. Flawlessly dressed like Jesus (as depicted to the world), he aligns his talking and antics to the popular known ‘Jesus film’ in Twi.

His creative ways of linking locations in the bible to suburbs of Accra have got people hailing and loving him the more.

One of his viral videos narrates the story of Ghana’s presidents in the 4th Republic, taking the tone of how Jesus talked in the Twi version of the movie about Christ.

Source: pulse


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