20th May 2024

Vote buying in our elections from primaries to general election has become the order of the day in Ghana’s electoral processes.

This imbibes corruption to the body politics of our country breeding presumably corrupt leaders.
This unwholesome practice of commercialization of our elections puts it into auction mode with the highest bidder becoming the winner and a leader in our governance system or our society.

Low commitment.

Leaders borne out of such processes exhibit low commitment to the people as they feel they have paid their dues already leaving their members disgruntled.

The Losers of such elections on the other hand become embittered and find it difficult accepting the outcome of such elections hence integrating themselves back into the party fold becomes a problem.

These create cracks within the party with an unending contest with simmering tensions erupting intermittently.

Grassroots members also see elections as a cash cow and are ever willing to vote under inducement and not on proper assement of individual capabilities of contestants. This creates a pool of leaders with low profeciency.

Tribalization of politics in Africa is extremely dangerous as it comes with heightened passions that may not be controllable.

Time bomb.

Mixing politics with tribalism is like mixing it with religion and either can be explosive, the sad story of the Somalian war should serve as a lesson.

Electing leaders on financial standings and tribal affiliations takes away meritocracy from our democracy leaving us with bland leadership.


It is my advice that all parties should steer away from such practices.
Both NDC and NPP fall foul to this and must desist from doing so.

Bringing it home to my beloved NPP, I would like to advise any enthusiastic politician that, promoting the Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to occupy the highest office is a democratic right but obviously Dr Bawumia has demonstrated enough leadership capabilities and does not need to ride on the wings of tribalism so let’s promote him on meritocracy and not tribalism.


Fred Okyere Writes.

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