25th June 2024

By: G. Oppong

Dear Mr. President,
I am disappointed in you and I am 101% certain, just like me, so is the alumni, yet-to-graduate students and students of University of Education, Winneba.

Mr. President, is it because you are not a product of this university that is why you have folded your arms, unconcerned, about the series of events unfolding in University of Education, which gradually is defaming and bringing the name of the institution into disrepute?

First, it was Prof. Mawutor Avoke not qualified as Vice Chancellor of the institution. Reverend Prof. Afful Broni was appointed and accepted as Vice Chancellor of which you were present during his investiture.
Next was demonstration by entire students from Winneba and Ajumako against the Vice Chancellor concerning inappropriate manner of suspending some senior lecturers and other employees.

Mr. President, I wish to emphatically state that Ghanaians and posterity will never forgive you if you sit aloof for these two personalities; Mawutor Avoke and Afful Broni to ruin our alma mata and an asset of the nation- Ghana.

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