20th June 2024

A clip of a televangelist weeping at the thought of a Joe Biden presidency is gong viral on social media.

Jack Hibbs, the senior pastor of the Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in Chino, California, prayed for President Donald Trump’s victory during a sermon that was streamed live online the day after Election Day.

“Please God… you are pro-life. And one man is and one man is not,” Hibbs said, his voice cracking as he kneeled in front of a large screen with the word “WHY” written on it.

At the time of the service, Biden appeared on course to win the White House, while Trump had started airing baseless claims of widespread voter fraud and that the election was being stolen from him.

Major news networks and The Associated Press called the election for Biden on 7 November, though Trump has yet to concede and has filed multiple lawsuits in a bid to fight the result.

A one-minute edited version of Hibbs’ prayer has already amassed thousands of views after it was shared on Twitter on Thursday.

In that clip, he is heard comparing Trump and Biden as well as despairing at the thought of Mike Pompeo no longer serving as the Secretary of State.

“God you are pro-life. And one man is. And one man is not,” Hibbs said. “Lord, one man is for Israel, one is not. You are for Israel. Lord, one man is for our military and our police and the other is not. You are.”

He adds: “Lord, have you brought Mike Pompeo to be Secretary of State, only for that to end now? Have you brought, Lord, Amy Coney Barrett, into the court and that’s it? We’re done? We in this room, we’re still pro-life here.”

In the hour-long service, which was streamed on YouTube with the title, “God Is In Charge,” Hibbs prayed that Trump would turn to God as he waited on election results.

“Father tonight, President Trump is entertaining in his mind, I’m sure it’s almost impossible for him to entertain this in his mind, but rumor has it he’s never lost anything before,” Hibbs said.

“God, I just pray that tonight he would lose himself and find you tonight, Father. That you’d visit him in his dreams, God. That you would take this very strong and able man who doesn’t lean on anybody to go to his knees. Lord, may he collapse in your arms.”

Hibbs also said he was praying “for the salvation of Joe Biden” and claimed vice president-elect Kamala Harris has “had such a crazy exposure to spiritual things, but none the truth.”

“I pray tonight for the salvation of Joe Biden, God, that you touch his soul,” he said. “All he knows is his version of Catholicism. He doesn’t know you personally.”

Hibbs said he was also praying for First Lady Melania Trump and her teenage son Barron Trump.

“We pray for Melania, we know that she does love you, she loves your Bible, she loves your people, she’s one of us. I can’t imagine, Lord, the burden she’s carrying right now. Strengthen her. I’m sure Barron is asking, ‘What’s going on? What’s happening?’ Save and bless Barron.”

He then describes Pompeo as “one of the most precious people in the world.”

“I just can’t imagine him not being Secretary of State,” Hibbs said. “Lord, on his desk, his Bible’s wide open. He’s a man of prayer… I’m so proud of him.”

Hibbs goes on to describe Pence as an “amazing faithful man. I believe you brought him to the kingdom for such a time as this.”

Despite heaping praise on Trump and his allies, Hibbs then insists that his prayer is not in support of either Republicans or Democrats.

“Lord, this is not a Republican or a Democrat prayer,” he said. “If there’s Republican or Democrat shenanigans, expose it. You’re not a Republican. You’re not a Democrat. You’re God.”

He then calls on God to “give us a president and an administration that is pro-Israel, pro-life, pro-religious freedom, pro-police, pro-military, pro-jobs, pro-Hispanic, pro-Black, pro every other color imaginable.”

Since Biden’s victory, Hibbs has been sharing support on social media for Trump’s baseless claims of voter fraud and legal challenges to fight the outcome of the election. He posted a video from an airport on Wednesday wearing a Trump 2020 face mask.

Hibbs has been contacted for additional comment.

He’s not the first Trump-supporting televangelist to go viral in recent days. A video of Kenneth Copeland laughing maniacally at the media calling the 2020 election for Biden went viral earlier this week.

Before that, Trump’s spiritual advisor Paula White went viral after leading a prayer service to help secure the president’s re-election.

Source: Newsweek


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