Video: Road Users Bemoan Bad Roads in E/R


Some road users in the Eastern Region have expressed their displeasure over the poor nature of roads in the Region.

Roads are essential for the socio-economic development of every country. In Ghana, our major means of transport is by road. Though there are other means of transport as water, rail and air, Humans, goods of all kinds and mineral resources are all often transported by road.

This notwithstanding, most road networks have deteriorated. The level of deterioration has left many Ghanaians to Express worry about the situation.

Meanwhile past and present governments continue to Express their desire on the need to give Ghana very good road networks. But despite the promises, the roads keep getting out of hand.

Roads constructed in the country also have short lifespan which brings into question what the contractors really use for such roads.

Some road users in the region who spoke with Evening Mail expressed their worry about the situation.

They are therefore calling on the government to as a matter of urgency do something about the poor nature of the roads.


The drivers also alleged that the poor nature of the roads does not affect their vehicles alone but is also a major cause of vehicular accident in the country.

An assertion which was confirmed by statistics at the regional office of the National Road Safety Commission. For instance, in 2016, whiles 295 accident cases were recorded in urban areas in the region, 604 were recorded in villages where the roads are largely bad.

But according to the Road Safety Commission, though a larger number of accidents occur in the villages, their impact are not as devastating as the few that occur on good roads.

Ms. Indira Apronti, Assistant Director of NRSC in the region, stated that roads themselves do not cause accidents but the human factor that causes the accidents. She therefore advised pedestrians, drivers and all road users to be extra careful when using the road. No matter how bad or good such roads are.



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