27th May 2024

The Convention People’s Party (CPP) says even though the COVID-19 is a war situation that portends the scare of disintegration threatening and ravaging all nations, it presents Ghana with the opportunity to mobilise itself for a positive difference.

In a message to mark this year’s Easter celebrations, the CPP reminded humanity that Christ did not only hope but endured the suffering and pain that came along the pursuit of that hope for redemption, saying “Ghana must work towards a redemptive process by cleansing our thoughts and acts.”

Let’s love ourselves

“Love must underpin every step of the leadership of our country towards the reconstruction of Ghana. Dedication to duty and diligence in all matters are needed. Then, can the citizenry do more and be able to check leadership in line,” the party said in a statement signed by its Acting General Secretary, Mr James Kwabena Bomfeh.

While wishing Christians a Happy Easter in this solemn period, the CPP equally urged the people of Ghana to continue to remain hopeful and abide by the strict directives in the fight against COVID-19.

“Ghana, by this Easter, must come out of this pandemic renewed and better poised to fight our battles against poverty, disease, illiteracy, unemployment, corruption, moral decadence and willful dissipation of resources,” the statement said.

It continued: “We are the architects of our misfortunes as well as fortunes and only we can make a difference in all spheres beneficial to our lives and worthy of emulation. We have fought and won many battles before. This also shall be won and pass. There is victory for us!”

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