20th June 2024

Management of Joy Daddi Multimedia, operators of Winners 104.9 FM, in Sefwi Essam in the Western North Region, have debunked report that the media organisation is part of a list of media houses sympathetic to the cause of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The management say they are a business entity in the job market to survive and, thus, do businesses with all manner of persons and organisations, including political parties, so long as the business is legal.

They have, thus, urged the public to disregard any report linking them to any political party or group of persons.

A Daily statesman report in June this year, under the headline “NDC flaunts over 70 radio stations nationwide”, listed Winners FM as one of the radio stations affiliated to or sympathetic to the cause of the opposition party.

The report came after the opposition party had showcased about 70 radio stations scattered across the whole country, which were being used as vehicles to convey the party’s press conferences.

Announcing one of its “Press Briefing Live Coverage Notice”, the party listed a tall list of radio stations, which were to provide live coverage for the event.

Paid coverage

According to management of the radio station, the opposition party had bought airtime on their radio channel and were only carrying out business with the party.

They disclosed that the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) has also bought similar airtime for other activities, adding that it would not automatically make them a part of “any special NPP agenda”.

“Winners FM is part of Joy Daddi Multimedia. We are not affiliated to any political party, neither are we pushing any party’s agenda. We are only doing business and we are open for business with any legal entity or person who is ready to work with us. The report linking us with the NDC is, thus, inaccurate and must be rejected,” a management member told this paper.


Source: Daily Statesman

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