17th May 2024

Some students and staff of the University of Ghana, who were quarantined, have all tested negative for the novel coronavirus disease. They had come into contact with a student of the university who had tested positive for the global pandemic. They were tested after the 14-day isolation period.

They include 82 students and 12 staff. All 94 students and staff were put on mandatory quarantine by the university on campus.

Initial self-isolation

A statement from the university said 74 of the traced students, who were already on campus at the time of recording the case, were asked to self-quarantine on campus to avoid the risk of community spread.

Eight other students, who had left campus, were directed by the University of Ghana Emergency Response Team (UG-ERT) and the National Contact Tracing Team to self-quarantine at home.

The statement, signed by Mercy Haizel-Ashia, Registrar of the University, further explained that after initial logistical challenges, the contacts were all re-located to a quarantine facility on campus.

“This paved way for easy management and care, such as daily health checks and monitoring, feeding, as well as providing them psychological support,” the statement added.

According to the university, all the 94 contacts have since been conveyed to their various destinations and receiving the requisite counseling and education on precautionary measures with respect to COVID-19.


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