17th May 2024

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) is advocating the adoption of a strict maintenance culture regime under the Agenda 111 project to make it more viable.

The project, which commenced simultaneously at 88 sites across the country on 17 August, seeks to bridge health infrastructure gaps following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking on Asaase Radio’s Candid Voice with Benjamin Offei-Addo on Sunday, Dr Justice Yankson, the General Secretary of the GMA, said the project is a good initiative, and must be supported by all Ghanaians.

“One thing that we have always communicated to the government, especially regarding Agenda 111, hitherto we tend to put up edifices, there are grand commissioning ceremonies and then we live them to rot.

“We think that this time around there should be a very strict regime when it comes to the culture of maintenance, both the infrastructure and the equipment that we are putting in place beyond the training,” he said.

Dr Yankson added: “So that these facilities won’t deteriorate without the requisite maintenance as and when they are required. But beyond all of these, I think these Agenda 111 is a good initiative and we must all support it.”

He, however, wants the government to demonstrate commitment towards making the project a viable one that can turn Ghana into a medical tourism hub.


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