19th May 2024

Caution is been sounded internationally on the criminal activities of a German National – by name Carsten Friedrich Karl Wilhelm Baer.

He also uses Mr. Friedrich Karl von Baer with German ID No: CF9T23CXC and operating in Stuttgart, Madrid, Lisbon and Liechtenstein.
Mr.Carsten Friedrich Karl Wilhelm Baer, has been labeled an international fraudster duping people under the company name Management-Consulting and Finance Group and anyone who deals with him does so at his or her own risk.
Carsten Friedrich Karl Wilhelm Baer is based in Madrid, Spain with address at Porto Lagos 13, izq. 3C; E-28924 Alcorcón.
He and his accomplices who are currently under investigation are wanted for arrest by the European Security Forces.
They are known to have duped international clients from Switzerland, Russia, Germany and Ghana to the tune of USD 250,000, on the promise of providing collaterals for bank financing and project funding as well as banking instruments.
The international community is been asked to be cautious of Carsten Friedrich Karl Wilhelm Baer and his gang, described as con-artists and fraudsters.
“He will take your money and nothing will happen. His deceptive excuses span from “the line of credit is ready and funds will be disbursed today but the account is blocked to funds have been blocked and awaiting release, to him being in an accident whilst on his way to make wire transfer”, revealed one investigator working on tracking him down.  
Other excuses are that Carsten Friedrich Karl Wilhelm Baer are that he “was stopped by the police and his car being impounded whilst on his way to the bank to him not receiving the log-in for his online banking to make transfer”.
“He is a fraudster of the highest order. Stay away from him. We have all the proof – contracts, letters and messages”.
“There are weeks after weeks after weeks of unresolved issues even when he has confirmed the day before that all is set 1000% to deliver and conclude the transaction, he failed to deliver”.
Among the other claims of Carsten Friedrich Karl Wilhelm Baer are that he worked with ICC in Paris, France and with Interpol, and that he is in the process of buying Deutsche Bank and 16 other banks in Europe.
He had also claimed to be the Principal Consultant for Spanish Chamber of Commerce, but all were investigated and proved to be lies.
Other details show he runs a bank account in Banco Montepio in Portugal as follows information:
Banco Montepio
ACCOUNT NAME: Friedrich Karl Baer IBAN: PT50 0036 0139 9910 0048 9479 5 
The Report coming from the European Investigating Office reveals that investigations have been carried out on Mr. *Friedrich Karl von Baer* and the street number of the company.
The investigators disclosed that his private address has been determined and there will be a visit to both addresses with immediate arrest effected if he should be there but in case he is present, we will use the Search Photo to ask neighbors and resident companies of his whereabouts. This search will take place not only in Germany and Spain, but across borders.

It has also been confirmed that Mr. Carsten Friedrich Karl Wilhelm Baer, also known as Karl Baer has a long criminal record, and has also been under investigation for several years for multiple fraud.
According to one of the investigators, “with such a criminal record I am almost sure that all funds paid to him are lost but we will ensure that justice will be served on him”.
The general public and international community have, therefore, been cautioned to beware and to stay aware from Mr. Carsten Friedrich Karl Wilhelm Baer and to refrain from conducting any business with him.

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