24th May 2024

Captain Quainoo

Captain Solomon Quainoo, a Ghanaian internationally-acclaimed pilot, has urged the youth to direct their energies into useful ventures. This, he says, is the only means by which they can live their dreams and become successful adults.

According to Captain Quainoo, being optimistic and putting one’s effort into working hard can lead one to achieve greater heights.

“I had always wanted to become a pilot since I was a child. Unfortunately, the journey became murkier along the line. From a very poor background, it was not easy for me at all, but with

Speaking in a radio interview, from the headquarters of Emirates in Dubai, Captain Quainoo said it is worrying to see a section of the youth give up their dreams easily when they are faced with “complex challenges”. “Whenever you quit, you have less knowledge of what you could achieve,” he said.

Dubai expo

Touching on the much talked about Dubai Expo 2020 that seeks to connect 193 countries in Dubai, Captain Quainoo mentioned that it is a rare opportunity for him to fly participants and visitors to Dubai.

‘The advantages and opportunities of Dubai Expo 2020 are huge and I am looking forward to discharging my duties creditably. Fortunately, here at Emirates, the work gets easier as a result of our hardworking team,” he said.

Captain Quainoo rose to prominence when he became the first Ghanaian to fly the world’s largest passenger aircraft, Emirates Airbus A380, to Ghana.

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