17th May 2024

Barima Essah Kwasi Bediako III, Chief of Anum Asamankese, arrives at the durbar in a palanquin.

Chief of Anum Asamankese, Barima Essah Kwasi Bediako III, has called on Ghanaians, particularly traders to exhibit a mark of patriotism and reduce the prices of goods and services to reflect the current economic situation of the country.

According to Barima Kwasi Bediako, at a time that the cedi is gaining strength, resulting in a reduction of petroleum prices, it does not make economic sense that prices of goods and services would still remain high, denying poor people the opportunity to enjoy the Christmas festivities.

Speaking at a durbar to celebrate this year’s Adehyedae Kese Festival, over the weekend, Barima Kwasi Bediako noted that it would have been understandable if prices were high due to the exchange rate depreciation of the Ghanaian currency and resultant effects on goods and services.

He, however, noted that when traders take advantage of the current economic situation to ‘dupe’ buyers, it does not show a mark of patriotism.

“Let us have compassion on each other. Let us be considerate. I call on traders to look at the changes in the cost of doing business and let that reflect in the prices of goods and services,” he appealed.

Adehyedae Kese

This year’s Adehyedae Kese festival also coincided with the three years’ anniversary of Barima Kwasi Bediako, since his installation as Chief of Anum Asamankese. The joint event was held under the theme; “Three Years of Exceptional Leadership, Uniting the Citizens for Development”.

According to him, the rationale behind the festival is to drive development to the people of Anum Asamankese.

He used the occasion to call on indigenes of the area, particularly those outside the country to come home and help in the development of the community.

Addressing the durbar, Tufuhene of Anum Asamankese, Baffour Yaw Larbi I, also called on indigenes of the area to be united and work together towards the development of the community.

He noted that the only means by which the community will develop is when the indigenes eschew lifestyles that retard development.

Some sub chiefs seated at the durbar

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