20th June 2024

Rev Dr Kofi Amfo-Akonnor,

Ghanaians have been admonished to live as children of light and salt of the Earth in order to boost godly and healthy relationship and above all, to give glory to God in heaven.

This was the theme of the message delivered by the District Minister, Rev Dr Kofi Amfo-Akonnor, on the first Sunday of 2021, at a church service at the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Ascension congregation, Koforidua.

At the very well attended first Sunday morning service, Rev Dr Kofi Amfo-Akonnor said God is Light, a symbol for Purity, Righteousness and Holiness in whom there is no darkness and as a result of which, there is no way for darkness, a symbol for evil, hatred, untruth, ignorance or any form of hostility.

Rev Dr Kofi Amfo-Akonnor said the light of God on one side and darkness on the other side, are incompatible and as such, Ghanaians walking as children of the Light should shun all forms of darkness in their day-to-day activities.

He said as children of light, we must bear the fruits of Light including Goodness, Righteousness and Truth in order to make positive marks on society.

Rev Dr Kofi Amfo-Akonnor said further urged Christians to expose all forms of darkness or evil deeds including falsehood, hatred, impurity, fear and all forms of sin in the sphere of the world today.


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