13th June 2024

The leadership of the District Security Council (DISEC) in Saboba has hinted of plans to ban farmers from farming on disputed parcels of land in the district.

The Daily Statesman gathered that the decision by the Council has been occasioned by the increasing number of cases reported at the Police over parcels of land from the neighbouring communities.

Our findings also revealed that since the beginning of the rains in the district, close to 25 parcels of land have been reportedly attracted disputes, which called for urgent security attention to avoid bloodshed.

Peace and harmony

Meanwhile, the District Police Commander for Saboba, ASP Alex Yagane, has admonished the farmers to be candid and desist from using violence as alternative means of solving disputes, in the interest of peace and harmony in the area.

He further urged the people to use appropriate and legal means to resolve their differences for the benefit of the innocent youth who may suffer in the event of violent acts.

“The elderly are failure to youth; they need to be truthful and responsible to tell the youth the successive rotation of family farmlands’ inheritance, to bring peace and unity, but they have woefully failed and inciting them; and any land issue referred to us would be banned from usage for peace to prevail,” ASP Yagane noted.

According to the Police Commander, because land is a fixed asset and cannot be expanded to satisfy its high demand from the increasing population in families, elders and land owners are required to adopt a strategy of redistribution for the equal benefit of all in order to ensure peace.

Source: Daily Statesman

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