16th June 2024

The National Peace Council (NPC) has noted that beyond the issue of compiling a credible voters’ register, a credible election is, additionally, one devoid of mayhem and violence.

According to the Council, this is the major reason why it is engaging stakeholders in working out an atmosphere of peace, harmony and fairness in the buildup to the December polls.

Sanitised turf

George Amoh, the acting executive secretary of the Council, said this on Monday when members of the Mass Action Committee (MAC) called on the Council to stress the need for it to intensify its efforts towards sanitising the electoral turf before, during and after the proposed voters’ registration exercise.

The NPC admonished stakeholders and the various political parties and civil society organisations to shift their focus from the compilation of a new voters’ register to other equally critical ingredients to ensure that Ghana experiences truly credible elections.

Register compilation

MAC, a civil society organisation, is advocating the compilation of a new register ahead of the 2020 elections.

Mr Amoh said the Council strongly believes the focus should not be on whether or not a new register should be compiled, explaining that the focus of the parties should be on credible elections, which involve several critical issues, including the register.

Peaceful election

He said adequate and resilient measures are being put in place to ensure that the country goes through peaceful elections this year.

Mr Amoh said the Council is on the verge preparing the grounds for a peaceful free and fair election, adding that it is well positioned to ensure that the country doesn’t go the path of violence.

He, however, expressed concerns that in a contest between an incumbent president and the former president, there are likely to be skirmishes here and there.

He therefore stressed the need to ensure effective management of such skirmishes by the relevant state actors.

The executive secretary of Mass Action Committee, Artik Mohammed, had earlier underscored the urgent need for the Electoral Commission to be supported in compiling a new register.

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