18th May 2024

An autocratic styled claimant mining lease holder of Electrochem Company to mine salt in Ada Songor has turned into causing mayhem to the indigenous peoples on the salt belts are also leaving in fear in their own respective town and villages in Ada Songor.

The CEO of Electrochem Company McDan goes unrest with his illegal and abuse of power and threat to human rights without respect for the laws of this state all in the name of monipocracy.

The last peaceful demonstration the community held even in Accra to address their grievances and later went back home just to witness that the same autocratic rule man has seized ten of their water pump machine and using them on his mining company.

This the association also go unrest in making sure that they get their properties illegally seized by the autocratic style law breaker and abuse of security power.

Ada Songor lagoon association are peace loving citizens and do not want to create any unnecessary tension between the association and McDan and it Stewart.

The association also appealed to government to intervene immediately and if failure to act fast than the association has no option but to crash with McDan and his landguards who have invade their properties illegally.

According to them, they challenged the EPA and the Minerals Commission to come out and see the Electrochem Company type of mining salt is a shame and ask since when excavators are been used in salt mining what a funny politician.

As they urged politicians to stay away from Ada Songor lands and must end the torture by the Electrochem landguards and some scrupulous police personnel.

Meanwhile the Electrochem landguards and some scrupulous police personnel has torture and nearly killed one of the citizenry whose name is Kisseh Wormenor (aka Red I Don’t Care) and was quickly rush to the hospital for treatment.

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