17th May 2024

As the year opens, as expected, by close or mid-year, some of our beloved readers here could wish to take on marriage/ dating; therefore, Gambian socialite, actress, and Producer Princess Shyngle has dished out what could be Top tips for one to consider before getting into this whole marriage thing, societal pressure, happiness, and how to keep it steadily going.

She advises that before you decide to make the decision to get married to someone, do be 100% sure because this is someone you are choosing to spend the rest of your life with. “Be one billion percent sure”.

Shyngle also encourages her viewers not to give into the societal pressure not to get married, to someone simply because of communal conditioning, and fear of being lonely.

“You should be your partner’s strength and have your back at all times”. The actress also adds that to safeguard your relationship, you must keep it private; – “Keep it away from SOCIAL MEDIA” she emphasizes.

Watch the full video below; and take some notes:😉

Credit: www.africanentertainment.com

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