14th June 2024

Some Ghanaians have lauded President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his government for the rotation of the country’s national independence anniversary celebrations across the various regions.
According to them, the decision portrays the President as a fair-minded person who is mindful of the collective growth of the country. They believe that the decision, if maintained, will go a long way to deepen the country’s democracy and foster unity among Ghanaians.

Peace and stability.

Speaking to the Daily Statesman on the sidelines of this year’s Independence Day celebration in Koforidua, Richard Boateng, a taxi driver who attended the Eastern Regional celebration, praised the President and his government for the bold initiative.
He said also praised past and present leaders of the country for sustaining peace in Ghana. “Those who gained independence for Ghana ensured there was peace and stability and the subsequent leaders have maintained the peace which we are enjoying today,” he told the Daily Statesman.


Others also noted that Ghana’s independence from colonial rule has helped the country to develop. They stated that even though the country may not have developed as expected, it has made significant strides towards development.
Doris Mante, a public servant, noted that the attainment of independence by Ghana means a lot to the country, saying it has even given “us the voice to express our opinions without fear or panic.”

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