21st May 2024

Residents of Tease in Afram Plains South District, of the Eastern Region, are struggling for potable water due to the breakdown of a mechanized borehole serving the community.
The situation has created difficulties over accessibility of water, forcing residents to depend on a seep well at the outskirts of the town.
The seep well, serving as the only source of water in the community, has is also drying up due to the huge dependence.

Call for more boreholes

The assembly member for the area, Moro Dwamena, says the population of the community is increasing rapidly, and requires additional boreholes to meet the increase in demand.
“We had a mechanized borehole but it has broken down. So all residents are depending on the only deep well available; the water too is drying up due to the harmattan season. I am therefore pleading with NGOs and the government to help us,” he appealed through the Daily Statesman.

SHS students affected

The shortage of water has also affected the only senior high school in the community, St. Fidelis SHS. The staff and students of the school complain of being in long queues daily in order to get water. This situation, they say, affects their classes’ hours.
“We are suffering from this water shortage situation so they should come and give us borehole. We are begging the government to help us. This is the only water we have here. We use it for bathing and washing’ we come here at dawn, else you will not get water to fetch,” some students disclosed.

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