13th June 2024

The Apostle General of the Royalhouse Chapel International, Reverend Sam Korankye Ankrah, has advised Ghanaians and politicians against dying because of elections.

Whiles advising his congregants and Ghanaians on Sunday, 25 October 2020 during church service, Rev Korankye Ankrah said: “Let me speak to politicians and political parties and let me speak to the nation, Ghana: As you go to the 2020 December polls, don’t fight on the way, don’t accuse each other, don’t fall by the roadside, don’t die because of elections, don’t.”

Explaining why no one should die because of elections, Rev Ankrah said: “Because of a simple exercise of making a choice of many choices of voting for a person of your preference. Why should you not die? Why should you not fall by the roadside, why should you not quarrel, why should you not fight, why should you not kill yourselves, why should you not accuse yourselves?

Because the hand of the Lord will select his own anyway.

“It doesn’t matter how much you campaign, it doesn’t matter how much money, the elections are between two giants one will win, one will lose, the hand of the Lord will go and choose.”

He also noted that fighting and dying for election sake is unwise because “believers are praying, the church is praying, people are fasting, so God will have his way because of the righteous.

“If you think I’m lying go and ask President J.A Kufuor. Ask him how many times he did not lose elections before he found himself at the presidency. If you think I am lying, when you go to heaven ask Prof Mills how many times he lost elections before he found a seat in the presidency and if you think I’m joking, John Mahama is just around the corner, ask him whether when he was born he dreamt of becoming President?

“He became a vice president by being hand-picked by a man and then as God will have it, the man went to be with the Lord and the presidency became vacant for him.

“Tell me that this is not divine orchestration, tell me that this is not the hand of God and I’ll tell you you’re a jealous person.

“It’s God who created the opportunity for him to be there and that is what we call the hand of God…”

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