22nd July 2024

Fans are still raving about Adele’s performance on Saturday Night Live over the weekend. Not only were her singing and comedic timing pitch-perfect, but her hair and makeup (an ode to old-Hollywood glamour) also proved to be absolutely stunning.

This past spring, the award-winning singer traded her signature voluminous shoulder-length bob for a longer look. Blending in brighter blonde highlights for this weekend’s performance, Adele’s hair was styled in a gorgeous, loose blow-out pulled over to one side. The deep part, smooth shine, and uniform waves were reminiscent of stars like Rita Hayworth and Lauren Bacall, especially when paired with an off-the-shoulder black top and glittering gold accessories.

While explaining her excitement to host SNL, the star mentioned that while she planned to pull out a few wigs before the night was over, her new long and luminous waves were completely au naturale (and not the work of hair extensions).”This is all mine by the way,” Adele said, luxuriously running her fingers through the ends of her shiny blonde hair. For her makeup, Adele stayed true to her classics, including a winged cat eye and a rosy-red lip.

While Adele might have pulled out full glam her hosting stint on SNL this weekend, the London-born star has also spent much of quarantine leaning into a more natural look. Back in August, Adele posted a photo shouting out Beyonce’s new visual album, Black Is King, where she was seen wearing what fans guessed to be her hair’s natural, air-dried texture. Clearly, all that time away from the hot tools resulted in some serious hair growth — and we can’t wait to see how she experiments with it next.

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