17th May 2024

The newly elected PC, Kwadwo Asante, celebrates his victory

By Mudasiru Abdul Yakeen, Suhum


The newly elected parliamentary candidate for the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Suhum constituency, Kwadwo Asante Oboafo, has given assurance that he will unify the rank and file of the party to ensure a solid front for the 2020 general election.


The private businessman who unseated the four-term Member of Parliament for the area, Frederick Opare-Ansah, in last Saturday’s parliamentary primaries, said he is committed to unity and will not preside over a divided party into a major general election.


Speaking to the Daily Statesman after his election, Mr Asante paid glowing tribute to the MP for his service to the constituency.

“Someone has done his part successfully. Thank God, I am in. I will also continue with the good work and service. The person might have committed his own mistakes, which he failed to notice. Perhaps, that cost him the primaries, and I cannot risk repeating the same mistakes, but then I will commit myself to the constituency,” he stressed.


Humble service


Mr Asante promised to serve his constituents with love, passion and humility, adding he will not at any point try to disrespect them because they really worked hard for him to be at the top.

“I will tell my people to expect love, passion and humility in my service. And if you serve your people well, with humility, nothing will be hidden from you or plotted against you. I will serve with respect,” Mr Asante told this reporter in an exclusive interview.


Meanwhile, the ousted MP, Mr Opare-Ansah, has expressed appreciation and gratitude to the people of Suhum for their support over the past 16 years that he has served them.

“I want to extend my profound gratitude to the great people of Suhum for holding me down for 16 solid years. In politics, you win some and you lose some,” the MP stated in his acceptance speech after the election.

Mr Opare-Ansah’s attempt to seek re-election and run for the fifth term hit a stumbling block during last Saturday’s NPP parliamentary primaries. The MP managed 272 votes as against Mr Asante, the eventual winner, who polled 394 votes.

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