16th May 2024

The National Lottery Authority (NLA) in collaboration with the National Communications Authority (NCA) has shut down the illegal short code *896# operated by Alpha Lotto Limited.

Alpha Lotto Limited was duly licensed by NLA under Act 844 to operate lotto via Point of Sale Terminals regulated by Act 722.

However, the company started operating in breach of the Terms and Conditions of the License issued by NLA to them.


A statement released by the Public Relations unit of NLA explained that there are different classes of Licenses that are issued by them.

“We have companies which have been Licensed by NLA to operate lotto via USSD (Short Code) and Web. Lotto Marketing Companies and Private Lotto Operators including Alpha Lotto Limited were Licensed by NLA to operate lotto via Point of Sale Terminals,” the statement said.

“Alpha Lotto Limited license under Act 844 NEVER covered the operations of Short Code.

All Companies licensed by NLA have no right to operate new games and conduct independent lotto Draws without a Draw Committee fully constituted by NLA in accordance with the laws,” the statement added.


NLA says it has officially written to the Director General of Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) to indefinitely suspend the illegal Lotto Draws of Alpha Lotto Limited with immediate effect. “It is the hope of NLA that management of GBC/GTV will respect and enforce the directives of the National Lottery Authority(NLA) by stopping the telecast of the illegal Lotto Draws of Alpha Lotto Limited as soon as possible to avoid being sued by NLA,” it said.


NLA has further cautioned Private Lotto Operators and their agents to operate within the Terms and Conditions of their respective licenses.



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