16th July 2024

Deliverance team member at the Akropong Grace Presbyterian Church, Mr Samuel Abugri, who is also, a professional teacher and the headmaster of Akropong Presbyterian Primary school, has admonished on the importance of staying or being constantly at the presence of Jesus Christ.
Samuel Abugri was preaching on Transfiguration Sunday and on the theme, “It is Good to be here.”

The deliverance team member said the Lord Jesus Christ is all in all and to be at His presence assures security, deliverance and also, assurance of all good things.
Reading from the gospel, Mark 9: 2 – 9, Samuel Abugri named three persons Peter, James and John and described them as disciples who were ready to go with the Lord Jesus and indeed were ever at His presence and in the end, saw Jesus as the son of God spoken of by the prophets and who is the only source of salvation.

The deliverance team member said those who wait upon the Lord are strengthened. They shall run and not faint and they shall rise to be at the presence of the Lord.
Samuel Abugri exhorted all to be mindful of the fact that we are strangers on this earth and that the desire for power, position and possession shifts focus from the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Samuel Abugri went further to speak on the persistence of Elisha in his relationship with Elijah.
He said even when Elijah asked him to tarry behind he persevered and kept going with him paid.
In conclusion, Samuel Abugri said there would be all forms of suggestions and voices to dissuade people from remaining at the presence of the Lord but we must persist and remain focused, remain at the presence of the Lord and the best would be achieved.

By George Samson

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