NPP Amenfi East : Ernest Frimpong Pays 62,650ghc For Polling and Electoral Area executives Contribution For Party Office Project


Leadership is not the absence of challenges. Leadership is the presence of the will, skill, and commitment to drive the people with you out of the challenge.
In the Npp party Amenfi East, we must learn to acknowledge the commitment and hard work of the grassroot (polling station executives) which has kept the party in power since 2017 to date.
And having been in power for almost seven years, the party in our constituency has not been able to reach most of its polling station executives needs and few are being catered for in terms of opportunities.
But the best we could do as a constituency is not to “rob salt on the wounds” of our dear polling station executives and electoral area coordinators by charging them an amount of fifty cedis (50gh) and three hundred cedis (300gh) respectively for the construction of party office while our party remain in power, but we want every individual to feel that he or she is part of the project.
I believe in being objective, such that if a decision is worse, objectivity requires a recognition of that fact but in this case, I see recognition and collectiveness which makes everyone feels part or counted.
My objectivity permits me to take side on this call without any scintilla of equivocation. Perhaps the directives could have allowed them (polling station executives and electoral area coordinators) enough space to volunteer and support the project which is still available for all to enjoy.
We have seen several constituencies over the years erect new party offices by prominent party individuals in that constituency and or proper fund raising without venting charges on already dispirited grassroot executives.
We can also do better.
This leaves me with a restricted course of action—and have decided to pay an amount of fifty cedis (50gh) for all the one thousand and eighty-five polling station executives (54,250ghc) and three hundred cedis(300gh) each for the twenty-eight electoral area coordinators (8,400gh) totaling to some sixty-two thousand six hundred and fifty cedis (62,650ghc).
I believe we must acknowledge that; the polling station executives and the electoral area coordinators are the root of the party, and we must uphold them as such without any impositions.
Thank You.

Ernest Frimpong (Costaro)
#New direction, New Hope
#Nya Gyedie


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