16th July 2024

Mr Kyerematen addresses supporters after the Aduru wo so walk

Youth Caucus for Alan (YCA), a political youth group supporting John Alan Kyerematen’s presidential bid in the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has highlighted the issue of job creation as one of the central themes of his campaign.

According to the group, Mr Kyerematen’s vision for a transformed Ghana includes a robust plan for creating jobs for the country’s youth.

The group stressed that Alan’s job creation agenda is timely, given that unemployment has been a persistent problem in Ghana for years.

This was contained in a statement expressing appreciation to NPP supporters and Ghanaians who participated in the ‘Aduru Wo So’ Health Walk with Alan Kyerematen over the weekend.

The statement, signed by the national coordinator of YCA for Alan, Michael Osei Boateng, thanked Ghanaians, particularly the young people, for their overwhelming turnout at the walk.

Job creation

Mr Osei Boateng, also a former Bono Ahafo regional youth organiser of NPP, further recognized that job creation is essential to Ghana’s economic growth and development. He believes that under an Alan Kyerematen-presidency, there will be a significant shift towards economic policies that will create job opportunities for young people.

He indicated that Alan’s message on job creation resonates with many young Ghanaians who are looking for gainful employment opportunities.

“According to a recent survey by the Ghana Statistical Service, over 70% of Ghanaian youth aged between 15-35 years consider unemployment as their most significant challenge. The survey also revealed that young people are not only looking for jobs but are also interested in entrepreneurship and self-employment opportunities. With Ghana’s youthful population estimated to be over 60%, creating jobs for the youth is critical to the country’s long-term economic development,” YCA noted said.

He added that YCA’s support for Mr Kyerematen is, therefore, well-grounded as he is known for his entrepreneurship and industrialization policies that prioritize job creation and economic development.


Mr Osei Boateng added: “The event was not only a show of support for the presidential candidate but also a demonstration of YCA’s commitment to the wellbeing of all Ghanaians. It also highlighted the hope that the youth have in securing jobs under an Alan Kyerematen presidency,” he indicated in the statement.

He further urged all Ghanaians to support Kyerematen’s vision for a transformed Ghana, which is anchored on job creation and economic development.

He said as Ghana’s general elections draw nearer, the issue of job creation is likely to feature prominently in the campaigns of all political parties.

According to him, YCA support for Mr Kyerematen’s industrialization policies is, therefore, timely and necessary since Ghanaians will be watching with keen interest as the presidential campaigns gather steam.

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