19th June 2024

Dr. Gifty Oware-Aboagye, Deputy NSS Director

The Deputy Executive Director of the National Service Secretariat, Dr. Gifty Oware-Aboagye has stated that the only problem facing the National Union of Ghana Students right now is partisanship and ego.


She said she has decided not to attend any event organized by the parent student union of the country because NUGS is no more lively and threatening.


Recounting her days with NUGS, Dr. Oware-Aboagye said, the first time she met with the former President Kufuor was when NUGS threatened a demonstration on the campus of KNUST.


She said NUGS was powerful that a mere threat of demonstration sent the president and all the National Security bosses to Kumasi to meet with the leadership of NUGS.


‘Sadly, today no one cares about NUGS. NUGS is no more threatening. Partisanship has eaten into NUGS. I am a politician and if we have a weak NUGS, it is to my advantage, but is this the way to go?” Dr. Oware-Aboagye said.


She bemoaned the division in NUGS and called on all factions to bury their egos, eschew unnecessary partisanship and allow the union to fester.


Dr. Oware-Aboagye was speaking at this year’s Graduate Students Association of Ghana (GRASAG)’s Leadership, Management and Secretarial Skills Workshop held on Saturday 16th February, 2019 at the University of Professional Studies, Accra.


The program was attended by GRASAG leaders of the various universities.


She advised the student leaders to know how to work as a team and to build strong connections while at school.


Mr. Ahmed Osuman Halid, aide to the Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Isaac Asiamah who represented the minister advised the students to be law abiding, take their time to study the laws of Ghana and International laws and give respect to time.


Other speakers also spoke to the student leaders on topics such as “Secretarial, Office and Administration Management, “Effective Communication and Students Relational Strategy” and  “Team Cohesion and Conflict Management in Students and Youth Organisations.”

Source: The Evening Mail

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