24th May 2024

A notable NPP youth activist and aide to Stephen Ntim, a national chairman hopeful in the NPP, Kwabena Frimpong has revealed the former 1st Vice National Chairman’s plans to properly and adequately resource the students wing of the ruling NPP

According to the aide, the Tertiary Students Confederacy of NPP (TESCON) possesses the potential of grooming and unearthing quality persons with political ambitions for the party now or in the future as data available has shown.

Addressing students and patrons of the NPP students wing at the Sunyani Technical University,  Mr Frimpong said it is important to resource TESCON to enable them scout and groom better student politicians with the NPP traditions imbedded into them.

These students, Kwabena said when they complete school would have the grassroot mentality of the NPP and help the party’s base to grow.

Mr Frimpong said the desire of Mr Ntim is to see the party build bridges that would incorporate TESCON activities strongly in the scheme of things of the NPP and empower TESCON in all institutions across the country with a strategic plan.

Some of these initiatives will be to train students to learn the art of hard work and to know NPP rewards loyalty, Commitment and long services to the party.

Mr Frimpong said that a properly groomed and resourced party persons and the grassroots would naturally grow to support the party and would work hard to make the party attractive.

Mr Frimpong said if the NPP would break thee eight year government cycle it will need the Students wing and grassroots to be highly resourced to propagate the good works of the party.

The aide said that Mr Ntim promises to make the activities of TESCON more attractive than any students wing on campuses.

This, he noted would include the provision of some periodic resources, National Service posting s, job placements and training programs for the members of the students wing, etc.

Presenting an unspecified amount of money to the students wing, Mr Frimpong on behalf of Mr Stephen Ntim said the token is to ensure students give off their best while in school for their parents, party and mother Ghana.


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