16th July 2024

In the former President’s desperation to reclaim power (that he and the NDC so carelessly lost due to gross incompetence), the former President has sponsored the activities of these protestors with a whopping £85,000 (Eighty Five Thousand).

Additionally, a new NDC party branch in Telford was commissioned in the UK as a decoy to further support the activities of NDC and CPP operatives who have merged in the UK to form a #FixTheCountry group to incite well meaning Ghanaian citizens in the U.K. and back home against the Akufo-Addo government.

Reports from reliable sources have revealed that the Former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, visited the United Kingdom from the 6th of July and left on the 21st of July 2021, followed by his wife Lordina Mahama on the 22nd of July.
The main purpose of the former President’s visit (full of malicious intent), was to meet up with the organizers of the #FixTheCountry demonstration to provide funding for their activities.
#FixTheCountry faithfuls and the leadership of the NDC chapter in UK were spotted at the former President’s favourite hang out in Kensington.

It can therefore be strongly declared that the so called social media movement #FixTheCountry was born by the National Democratic Congress and some element from CPP to instigate citizens of the country against the incumbent government.

The so called organizers of the demonstrations are remotely controlled by current and former NDC executives in the UK.
One of the organisers, Nana Yaw has been good to blindside #FixTheCountry group of the ill gotten funds from Former President Mahama by soliciting for pennies from unsuspecting followers on social media platforms.

Guest to the Telford branch maiden meeting was the national organiser of NDC – Joshua Akamba, former deputy chief of staff – Alexander Segbefia and the leadership of #FixTheCountry. The headline message from the meeting captured on tape, was to empower the NDC diaspora Chapters to write and propagate false articles to destroy the good name of the country earned by the President, HE Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

The faithfuls of the #FixTheCountry protest had an injunction placed by the Supreme Court of Ghana which prevented them holding a demonstration in Ghana. However they have written to the metropolitan police in London to stage a protest in the United Kingdom after the infusion of huge sums by the former President. It is important to note that the so called #FixTheCountry movement have always denied to be an arm of any political group. It is now evidently clear that they are a strong arm of the opposition, NDC, being used to hoodwink and incite well meaning Ghanaians in Ghana and the Diaspora.

Source :eveningmailgh.com

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