27th May 2024

The Uber Drivers Association(UDA) has suspended their services indefinitely due to the spread of the deadly Coronavirus(COVID 19) in Accra. The association announced the decision to suspend their service on Sunday, March 15 in a press released signed by the secretary of UDA, Alex Joy Vifa.

Ghana has recorded 4 new cases of Coronavirus. In that regard, a total of 6 cases have been recorded so far.



The UDA in their statement noted that their services will one way or the other expose them to the deadly disease. However, they are also not adequately prepared to detect, manage and prevent the spread of the disease. All these, they say makes the riders and drivers vulnerable and susceptible to the COVID 19.


“We will put our lives and that of riders in danger when we continue our services. As at Saturday, 14th March, two of our drivers were showing symptoms of the disease. They have gone for medical examination and waiting for their samples to be tested.  We are sorry for the inconvenience. We therefore entreat our customers (riders) to practice personal hygiene and protect themselves from contracting the disease,” the statement read.

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