17th May 2024

Guardiola and Xavi

Xavi Hernandez, the coach of Barcelona, has expressed his determination to bring the club back to its former glory. Drawing inspiration from his mentors, Johan Cruyff and Pep Guardiola, Xavi outlined his vision for the team, emphasizing his commitment to success and his deep love for the club.

Xavi, known for his deep-rooted connection to Barcelona, stated, “I am a student of Cruyff and Pep.” Acknowledging the impact of these legendary figures, he emphasized his intention to restore Barcelona’s prominence in world football, driven by a genuine desire for the club’s success rather than personal ego.

Reflecting on his coaching philosophy, Xavi made it clear that his goal is not to replicate Guardiola’s legacy but to build upon it. He affirmed, “I don’t want to become the new Pep Guardiola. All I want is for Barça to win and become the best team in the world again.” Highlighting the importance of consistency, he underlined the need for gradual improvement and a more sustained performance throughout the season.

Addressing the team’s attacking depth, Xavi dismissed concerns about a crowded squad, highlighting the modern reality of football with its five substitutions rule. He emphasized the importance of adaptability and how a flexible approach to player selection allows for the best utilization of the team’s resources.

When it comes to potential signings, Xavi emphasized his honest and personal approach. He shared, “For players I want the club to sign, I simply tell them the truth. I tell them how beautiful the city is, how important they will be for me, how we will play… etc. That’s how I am. I like to be involved in everything.”

Xavi’s unwavering commitment to excellence was evident as he concluded, “When I do something, I put 100% of my effort into it. Otherwise, why would I do it? I’d rather just stay home.” With these words, he reaffirmed his dedication to leading Barcelona with utmost passion and determination.

As Xavi assumes the managerial reins, Barcelona fans worldwide eagerly anticipate witnessing the transformation of the team under his guidance. With his profound understanding of Barcelona’s philosophy and an unwavering commitment to success, Xavi has set his sights on elevating the club’s stature, reigniting the spirit of success, and reclaiming their position among the footballing elite.

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