22nd July 2024

Notice of Poll for Kumawu By election

The long-awaited Kumawu Constituency by-election is currently underway, as voters head to the polling stations today to exercise their democratic right and select a new representative. The by-election, scheduled for today, May 23, 2023, has garnered significant attention, with political parties, candidates, and the electorate eagerly participating in the electoral process.

Following the unfortunate passing of the Member of Parliament, Philip Basoah, on March 27, 2023, the by-election was necessitated to fill the vacant parliamentary seat. The Electoral Commission (EC) set the date for today’s election after conducting the necessary preparations and ensuring that all arrangements were in place.

Security measures have been heightened across Kumawu to maintain law and order during the voting process. The Ghana Police Service, in collaboration with other stakeholders, has deployed an adequate number of personnel to ensure the safety and security of voters, election officials, and the general public. The police’s presence aims to create a conducive environment for peaceful and transparent elections.

All political parties contesting in the by-election, including the New Patriotic Party (NPP), the National Democratic Congress (NDC), and independent candidates, have actively campaigned in Kumawu over the past weeks, outlining their respective visions for the constituency’s development. This has generated excitement and interest among the electorate, who have closely followed the campaign activities.

As voters make their way to the polling stations, they have the opportunity to carefully assess the candidates’ manifestos and make an informed decision. The Kumawu constituency holds the power to determine the next representative who will advocate for their interests at the national level.

The Electoral Commission has set up polling stations across the constituency to ensure convenient access for voters.

Election officials are working diligently to ensure a smooth and efficient voting process. They are committed to upholding transparency, integrity, and fairness throughout the by-election. Counting of votes will commence immediately after the closure of polling stations, with results expected to be announced as soon as the counting process is completed.

The Kumawu by-election serves as a significant moment for democracy in the constituency, as voters actively participate in shaping their future representation in Parliament. The outcome of the election will not only determine the new Member of Parliament but also shape the political landscape and development trajectory of Kumawu.

As the voting process continues, it is essential for all eligible voters to exercise their civic responsibility and cast their ballots responsibly. The participation of every citizen will contribute to a vibrant democracy and ensure the legitimacy of the elected representative.

The Ghanaian public and international observers eagerly await the announcement of the by-election results, which will provide insight into the political dynamics and aspirations of the people of Kumawu. The new Member of Parliament will assume the responsibility of championing the constituency’s interests and contributing to the nation’s development agenda.

The Kumawu by-election is a testament to Ghana’s commitment to democracy, providing an opportunity for citizens to make their voices heard and shape the nation’s future through their votes.


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