17th May 2024

Dozens of health workers at the Begoro Government hospital are currently facing stigmatization after the hospital recorded its first positive case of the novel coronavirus on April 11.

A deputy director of nursing services at the Begoro Government hospital, Millicent Annor, says the level of stigmatization in the community is discouraging to some of the health workers.
She mentioned that food sellers in the community are refusing to sell food to the nurses with few ones who accept to sell also use polythene bag to collect their money.
“Even drivers are also refusing to pick us when we need their services, due to the fear of contracting the disease. But that’s stigmatization and it is not encouraging us at all to continue with our services,” she said.

Reported case

On April 5, a 65-year old man was admitted at the male ward of the Begoro Government hospital on the reported case of query tuberculosis. He, however, developed dyspnea and fever of about 40 degrees celsius the next day making management of the facility suspicious. His sample was then taken to Noguchi for testing, and proved positive for covid-19.
The exposed staff of the hospital, who had contact with the patient, have since been quarantined.
The male ward has also been closed for fumigation while patients who were on admission with him have all been quarantined for observation and testing.

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