Buffer Stock Attracts More Outgrowers, into Palm Oil Production


The number of Artisanal Palm Oil Millers and Outgrowers in Ghana has achieved a significant membership growth following a Buffer Stock Company Limited’s support that was given to about 6,000 of them in four regions last month.

The Daily Statesman reported on 21st March that the Buffer stock company has contracted some 6000 artisanal palm oil millers and outgrowers to be major suppliers of palm oil to various senior high schools across the country.

Following the support, the Artisanal Palm Oil Millers And Outgrowers Association have been receiving a good number of people who want to join their group in order to also benefit from such contracts in the near future.



Speaking to The Evening Mail on the growth in numbers, Mr. Paul Amaning, Executive Secretary of the Association said he saw the need to bring all the artisanal palm oil dealers together in their bid to revive the oil palm industry in the country.

He stated that, the palm oil processing industry in Ghana is bedeviled with several challenges ranging from the nature of palm fruits, machines used, the hygienic conditions of the oil produced, effects of the contaminated oil, security features of the end product, among others.

Recounting how studies have revealed that the major and leading palm oil producing country in the world, Malaysia, took advantage of the ideal ignorance of Ghanaians, precisely the small-scale palm oil producers, and decided to refine the process of palm oil production for economic growth he has called on the government to consider taking a second look at the industry.

Source: The Evening Mail


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